3×3 Eyes

3 × 3 Eyes (Japanese: 3 × 3 EYES, Sazan Eyes) is a manga series of the Japanese Yuzo Takada signatory. It was implemented in two anime OVAs and adapted for several video games.

The work can be classified in the genres of romance, adventure, horror and fantasy.


In Japan of the 1980s is circulating a rumor about a legendary folk - the Sanjiyan Unkara (三 只 眼 吽 迦罗). According to legend, this three-eyed beings should have with human figure on the secret of eternal life, and magical powers. With the intention to find these beings, the father of Yakumo Fuji (藤井 八 云) travels to Tibet. There he met the girl of Pai Ayanokōji (綾小路 パイ), which belongs to that mythical people. However, he died from exhaustion after he has Pai talks about his son living in Tokyo.

Four years later, Pai travels to Japan to find Yakumo. She hands him a letter from his deceased father, in which reveals its mysterious origin and Yakumo the order is placed to protect the young Sanjiyan. Pais greatest wish, however, to be a normal person. This you want to meet Yakumo and his friends. However, it oppose them numerous monsters, demons, and the god of destruction.


3 × 3 Eyes was released in Japan in individual chapters, first of 14 December 1987 to 10 April 1989 in the manga magazine Young Magazine Pirate Edition of the Kodansha publishing house, then from 24 April 1989 to mid-2003 in the weekly Young Magazine of same publisher. These individual chapters were combined in 40 anthologies ( tankōbon ).

The manga was published from March 1995 in the U.S. by Dark Horse Comics, in Korea at Young Movie comics and in French, the number of Pika Edition was released. In Spain, the manga was published by Planeta DeAgostini Comics, but was canceled, and in Italy by Editions Star Comics.

In German, the series was first published in 1997 by Carlsen Comics. Following the example of the American albums, the pages have been mirrored to western reading direction and published two chapters per volume. It only five books were published. From May 2002 to June 2006 published by Carlsen Comics, all 40 volumes of 3 × 3 Eyes Japanese version. The translation of the first release comes from Joachim Kaps. The manga Germany has a recommended age of over 12.


1991 produced the studio Toei Animation directed by Daisuke Nishio a four- episode anime OVA titled " Sazan Eyes" for the manga. The plot is based on the first two volumes of the manga. The character design is by Kouichi Arai and the artistic director took over Junichi Taniguchi and Toshikatzu Sanuki. The consequences had 30 minutes each and were published from June in Japan in 1991.

1995 was followed by three more episodes, which was produced by Studio Junio ​​. Was directed by Kazuhisa Takenōchi and Kiyoko Sayama, character design designed Tetsuya Kumagai and artistic director Hiroshi Kato and were Yusuke Takeda. The OVA entitled " Sazan Eyes: Seima Densetsu " was published from March 1995 to March 1996 in Japan.

The music of all seven episodes was composed by Kaoru Wada and performed by the band Takada.

Both Animes Manga Entertainment and published by Orion in English, in French and in Kaze at Granata Press or Polygram Video in Italian. The first OVA of the English channels Encore Action and G4TechTV Canada broadcast, the second OVA only by Encore Action.

In Germany, the anime was released as a seven-part series entitled " 3 × 3 Eyes " by Anime Virtual on two DVDs.



Based on the manga seven games were released from 1990, for the PC Engine, Super Famicom, Mega - CD, PC - 9801, FM Towns, MS Windows, PlayStation and Sega Saturn.


Several radio plays have been published in Japan to show.


The manga won the 1993 Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category.

The German journal Funime writes in her online presence, the anime was very bloody, but so that the audience could put up with the times. The character quality is high.