4FFF N618

The OYO ( among others 4FFF N618, BenQ nReader, Biblet, bq Avant, eGriver Touch, eWooky fnacbook, K60, Medion P6212, Mr.Book, ONE -XT Touch & Read, Positivo Alfa and Sagem Binder ) is an e- book reader, which is sold in Germany since October 2010, Medion, the bookstore chain Thalia and Internet booksellers buch.de and bol.de. E -books and other documents, such as images and audio files can be downloaded through a Wi-Fi or optional UMTS connection via the Internet or via a USB port from a computer to the device. An integrated Web browser allows access to the Internet. The control of the instrument is carried out mainly through the 6 "touch screen and four buttons arranged at the edge.



The firmware ( current version 2.2 R2354 for OYO I and version 2.2 R2355 for OYO II) based on a modified version of Qisda employees ( S3C -linux- 2.6.21 ) of a Linux kernel in version The Linux kernel is available on the OYO Thalia.de.


Since 17 August 2011, a OYO version with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity is available; drop it here in Germany no usage fees, while additionally 99 ct / book download will be charged in other European countries. The other technical data are identical with the OYO Fi. Medion also sold as Medion P6212 version exists in a modified black body with additional back button. Motherboard and display are compatible with the original, which the firmware of the original equipment works.


Before the first use of the device with a user account in the respective shop needs to be registered. This personal data in the form of at least one valid e- mail address are collected and stored. In previous firmware versions, the registry could be circumvented if, in the wireless setting Hidden Networks selected and then the home button has been pressed. The main menu is displayed.

For software, there is one next to a simple web browser and an MP3 player software.


The Oyo uses digital rights management by Adobe Systems in the form of an Adobe ID and encryption to prevent selling e-books on the stored on the device ID and display. The DRM is based in part on a private device key ( PKCS12 ).


In various tests were the - compared to e-ink "Pearl" display of the competition devices like Amazon Kindle or Sony Readers - contrasting weaker display, the slow processing speed ( touch screen, flip ), non-functioning firmware updates and processing defects (cracks criticized in the housing ) and short battery life. Both models run OYO partially unstable with frequent crashes.


On 8 August 2011 Thalia announced under the name OYO II (start "shortly" ) is a faster version of the e- reader at OYO. The Thalia E-readers OYO II features compared to the previous model offered in October 2010 on enhanced functionality, improved processing power, more memory, longer battery life and a higher contrast.

Initial tests of the OYO II, which has a doubled to 4 GB of internal memory and an enlarged to 2,200 mAh battery at about 20 g of extra weight, were disappointing. There unstable software with frequent crashes, the display and the continued slow processing speed have been criticized; please could improved to sort stable housing and a slightly higher contrast of the display as well as the revised start-up screen with the possibility of books by various criteria as well as create your own folders, while the display is negative noticed with some strong ghosting.