A Heart in Winter

  • Daniel Auteuil: Stephane
  • Emmanuelle Béart: Camille
  • André Dussollier: Maxime
  • Élisabeth Bourgine: Hélène
  • Brigitte Catillon: Regine
  • Myriam Boyer: Mme Amet
  • Maurice Garrel: Ostend
  • Jean -Claude Bouillaud: Lachaume
  • Stanislas Carré de Malberg: Brice

A Heart in Winter ( Un coeur en hiver French ) is a French film from the year 1992. Directed by Claude Sautet. Shown is a love triangle with two violin maker and violinist.


The two friends Stephane and Maxime run a company for violin making and repair. The closed and withdrawn Stephane is working on the instruments, Maxime - cheerful and extroverted - taking care of the business side and reaching out to the customer.

Maxime is his friend his latest conquest ago: Camille, a Beautiful violin player with a great future. Stéphane begins to care for Camille. And very soon she responds to his attention. It is a short game looks, shown by two great actors.

At the height of the "relationship" to sit the two opposite in a cafe. Camille interviewed Stéphane about himself. Her face is wide open and the closed Stéphane are somewhat reluctantly information.

From now on, he withdraws. It is not explained why anyone draws back, but this behavior is the real subject of the film. Director Claude Sautet: " Stéphane is suffering from a pathological limitations that I have overcome in life, only because of the cinema. I have noticed the existence of such a shadow zone in many men, the need to protect themselves from the female impulsivity. I 'm just trying to tell you how hard it is to be a man. I myself would rather have become a woman. It is certainly not easy to tell a story that is a so close. But I wanted to go to the bottom of this nature, the completely closed in on itself, to find his peace. Even at the cost of burning humiliation. "

Camille tries increasingly desperate, yet to win him over. She explained at the end of a drive: " I desire you, so it is I know how you are, and accept you as. . " Stéphane rejects again, and declared that he would have to seduce only for the game to hurt maxim.

It comes - again in the café - to a scene. Camille versa deeply wounded back to Maxime.

Maxime had wanted to not stand in the way his friend. But he takes Stéphane bad the injury Camille. The friendship between the two violin makers is broken, parted the business.

When Stéphane, who has been feeling really always attracted to Camille, in his turn seeks the violinist and tried to explain that he despairs of himself, Camille remains distant and cold. Stéphane has missed it.

Meanwhile dies with the old Lachaume also a longtime friend of the two violin makers. Especially for Stéphane, he was something of a mentor and father figure. And his good friend, the bookseller Hélène, pulls in the province to get married. It is becoming increasingly lonely to Stéphane.

Months later: Stephane and Maxime have contact again, superficial and friendly. For a few minutes Stéphane sits well with Maxime's partner Camille alone at the table, where short friendly words are exchanged. Even as Camille drives off with Maxime, she throws Stéphane out of the car a look.


The filmdienst celebrated Sautets film in its contemporary critics as " extremely strictly composed, elegant and sensitively narrated emotional drama about the " unlived passion "of a closed loner ". A Heart in Winter is " Thanks to the excellent cast and the music brilliantly used Maurice Ravel's an incredibly dense theater experience, marked by gentle melancholy. "

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