David di Donatello

The David di Donatello (actually Premio David of Donatello, named after Donatello's David) is the most important Italian Film Prize, which is awarded since 1956. Responsible was the first Cultural Association Open Gate Club, then still the Duck David di Donatello dell ' Accademia del Cinema Italiano, which is supported by the national associations of the entertainment industry and the film industry.

Model for the David di Donatello was at that time the Oscar. This is reflected even today is contrary to that of the Italian Film Prize is awarded mainly for national productions and beyond foreign films or international actor will be honored. Comparable to the Academy are also the most categories in which a prize is awarded. A special place international honors dar. addition to the Best Foreign Language film is also the best film award from a country of the European Union. In addition, special awards for lifetime achievement individuals are awarded time and again, such as Golden Plates.

As a trophy the winners receive a scaled-down version of the David statue, which the Italian sculptor Donatello has created around the year 1440.

The winners

( Prices Best Italian Picture and Best Foreign Language Film since 1956, the best European film since 2004)