A-Rosa Stella

A-ROSA Stella on the Rhone

  • ENI -No. 04803530

The A-ROSA Stella is a river cruise ship, just like her sister ship, the A-Rosa Luna, go under the German flag on the French Rhone and Saone Rivers. The river ship carries, as well as the rest of the fleet, the company name A- PINK A-ROSA river ship GmbH in the name.

From the city of Lyon from it embarks on six -to eight -day cruises on the rivers.

Sister ships

All Rhône and Saône- ships of the company

  • A-Rosa Luna


In general, the A-Rosa Stella only the routes Rendez-Vous is traveling (6 days), the route Stella (8 days) and, since 2007, the route Mediterranée, which is extended to Port St. Louis and thus ends in the Mediterranean ( 8 Days).

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