AAA (sometimes Triple A ) stands for:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm, an extension of the body 's main artery in the area of the abdomen
  • English: Access All Areas, permission to enter any areas on events (eg backstage ), is often issued in conjunction with VIP passes
  • Advanced Amiga Architecture, a chipset for the Amiga, which was never completed
  • AFIS -ALKIS -ATKIS model of the Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • AG for batteries and automobile, Berlin, former car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, electric vehicles (1919-1926)
  • Against All Authority (band), American punk band
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act, a U.S. Farm Bill
  • International Office, Information Office for the study abroad at universities
  • Alianza Anticomunista Argentina ( " Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance" ) paramilitary group in the 1970s
  • Amateur Athletic Association, British Association of Athletics Federations
  • American Abstract Artists, American Artists organization
  • American Academy of Audiology, American Association of Audiologists
  • American Accounting Association, American Federation of Accountants
  • American Affordable Aircraft Inc., an American manufacturer of self-made aircraft, see AAA Vision
  • American Airlines Arena, multifunctional hall in Miami, home of the Miami Heat
  • American Anthropological Association, Association of Anthropologists
  • American Arbitration Association, American arbitration institution
  • American Automobile Association, an American automobile club
  • Amino Acid Analysis, the analysis of amino acids
  • Anaa in the Tuamotus in French Polynesia to the IATA code
  • Analog Analog Analog, marking in music production, see SPARS Code
  • Analogue Audio Association, Association for the Advancement of analog music reproduction
  • Angels & Airwaves, American alternative rock band
  • Anti- Aircraft Artillery, British anti-aircraft gun, see anti-aircraft gun
  • Asia Art Archive, non-profit organization for the documentation of Asian art
  • Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, Mexican Wrestling League
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts, astronomical publication
  • Ateliers d' Automobiles et d'Aviation, former French automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer
  • ATPases associated with different cellular activities, see AAA protein family
  • Attack All Around, the Japanese J- pop band Toripuru ¢, see AAA ( band )
  • Australian Automobile Association, Australian Automobile Association
  • Austrian Acoustics Association, international designation of the Austrian Society of Acoustics ( OEGA )
  • Austrian Automotive Association, platform of the Austrian automotive supplier industry
  • Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Network Service to recognize users, allocation of rights and billing for services, see Triple -A system
  • Cars, Avus, attractions, a Berlin auto show
  • TripleA, a computer game

AAA as a code for:

  • A widely used size of batteries and accumulators, see Micro ( battery)
  • A rating code, which stands for borrowers with excellent credit ratings, see Rating Code
  • A level of accessibility to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium, see Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

A.A.A. stands for:

  • Aktiengesellschaft General Investment Management as a listed German company

Aaa stands for:

  • Aaa 's disease, has not been clearly identified ancient Egyptian disease
  • Anti atom date, nationwide Journal of the anti -nuclear movement
  • Ghotuo, language according to ISO 639-3

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