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Attersee is a district of Wittenberg, Saxony- Anhalt.

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The place went out of the Vorwerk Absdorf, in which a grinding and cutting mill and a tavern were. 1822 lived in four houses 38 residents who belonged to the district of Wittenberg. Previously, the place was a deserted village, which included seven hooves.

Attersee was a district of the municipality Euper. On 1 December 1995, the place name in Attersee was changed with the district Euper.

Memorial stone - Memorial

  • Memorial stone in front of the school in memory of two French forced laborers who were killed during the Second World War while trying to escape
  • Zeppelin stone on the street "Am Zeppelin mountain", reminiscent of the landing and the start of the Zeppelin airship Z III on August 30, 1909. Recalls the incident, the name of the local football club " SV Graf Zeppelin 09 Attersee ", probably a certain uniqueness in football. The Z III had to stop over because he had a propeller damage and it was repaired in Attersee.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 4 November 2008 by the county.

Blazon: " Azure, uprooted, leafy silver tree covered by a eight- gold-black split Angled welt rod. "

The coat of arms was designed by the Magdeburg heraldist Jörg Mantzsch.


The flag is blue - white - striped blue and centrally occupied with the municipal coat of arms.


On the southern outskirts of Zörnigall railway station is the railway line between Berlin and Halle, where every two hours operated by DB Regio regional train RE 5 Wittenberg - holds - Berlin ( Rostock).

The B 2 Berlin - Wittenberg - Leipzig runs about 4 kilometers north- west of the town, the B 187 Roßlau - Wittenberg - Jessen about 4 kilometers to the south.

The nearest motorway junctions are small and Marzehns Coswig on the A 9, both about 25 km.