Acelino Freitas

Acelino Freitas ( born September 21, 1975 in Bahia) is a Brazilian boxer.


Hailing from a poor family Freitas was established in 1994 as an amateur Brazilian champion. He also participated in the Pan American Games in 1995 in Mar del Plata, finishing behind the Cuban Julio González second place. His record was 78-3.

Professional career

In 1995, Freitas in the professional game and defeated his first twenty Aufbagegner prematurely, which earned him a title shot in 1999. The belonging to the world-class Russians Anatoly Alexandrov he hit on 7 August 1999 at the battle for the WBO super featherweight title in the first round KO difficult. Alexandrov's three losses so far had only been on points, among other things, against the run as best man in the class journals Genaro Hernandez.

In a title defense against Barry Jones Freitas had to ground. Jones had to show no knockout success up to this point, Freitas ' slave skills were therefore as subject to doubt. The U.S. Showtime sought to commercialize Freitas as powerful Superfedergewichtler, but its attractiveness in the U.S. has remained low.

On 12 January 2002, he beat another well-known opponent in the unification bout with the undefeated Olympic gold medalist and WBA titlist Joel Casamayor, this time on points. Floyd Mayweather, who had defeated the competition HBO Hernández by one- fight, but was still recognized as number one in the class. Against Juan Carlos Ramirez and Jorge Barrios the Argentines, he had but to each floor but won early in title fights.

He then moved into the lightweight. The WBO title holder of the class Artur Grigorian he struck in January 2004 down several times and won the title over twelve rounds on points. In the next fight, he ran against Diego Corrales and suffered his first and only professional defeat. He was again several times on the ground and then gave up the fight in the tenth round, which earned him a lot of criticism by the U.S. press.

Since then, he fights only sporadically. On April 29, he won against Zahir Raheem back the vacant WBO title that has now become. On April 28, 2007, we began to title unification fight with Juan Diaz ( USA, WBA champion ). After a balanced start he had nothing to oppose to the more forward thrust of his eight years younger opponent. Worn down by many beats Diaz, he did not start the eighth round.