Artur Grigorian

Artur Grigorian ( born October 20, 1967 in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union Artur Grigorian ) is a former Uzbek boxer of Armenian descent and boxing coach.


Grigorian graduated a long amateur career with 384 fights. In 1990, he won the Goodwill Games in Seattle, including a victory over American Shane Mosley. His greatest success as an amateur boxer was a second place at lightweight at the World Championships in Sydney, he was defeated there in the final Marco Rudolph. He took part in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​however, different from already in the second fight against the South Koreans Hong Sung -sik.

Professional career

Grigorian 1994 professional with Universum Box-Promotion. After 18 successful establishment of battles he won on April 13, 1996 for the vacant WBO title at lightweight against Antonio Rivera. Rivera had anyway to record a knockout win over Giovanni Parisi, but was not due to a total of nine suffered defeats (including the rematch with Parisi ) for world-class. Rivera had Grigorian on the ground, but this won in round twelve by KO

He defended the title 17 times against second - to third-rate opponents, it was not long out despite " world title " in the top ten in the Ring Magazine. The best-known opponents were the Argentine Raul Balbi, at this time a completely blank slate, but years later, briefly held the WBA title as a professional totally disappointing German amateur world champion Marco Rudolph and the 36- year-old Italian European champion Stefano Zoff. Against the balance despite 30-1 unknown Colombian Pitalua Grigorian was again twice on the ground.

Scandal fight against Zegan

In 2003 there was one of the most controversial battles of recent German boxing history when Grigorian was awarded in Essen against the once again completely unknown Poland Matt Zegan the victory. Promoter Kohl said: "This is me so uncomfortable. The Artur has won in any case. It remains a stale aftertaste. " Reported The website of the universe: " In fact, the 35 -year-old Grigorian against his nine years younger challenger for much of the fight seemed to find no prescription. Zegan marched through the blows of the world champion through, Grigorian drive with powerful attacks before him, and landed a variety of precise results. [ ... ] Powered by the courage of despair Grigorian increased in the last few laps the pace and kept trying to land knockout matches, while he repeatedly had to wipe the blood from the eyes to recognize its target again can. But Zegan, the triumphant arms raised as Grigorian in round eleven lost his mouth guard, marched forward to the end of the fight and seemed fresh and unspoiled, with its 26 years. "

The house journal of living in Hamburg Grigorian, the Hamburg evening paper, said: " Arthur Elle son and Joachim Jacobsen saw King Arthur ' in his 17th title defense against Poland Matt Zegan on Saturday in Essen Grugahalle as a clear winner. This assessment they had exclusive. Even the biggest Grigorian - followers had, at best, hoping for a draw. "

The taz evaluated: "Actually, the poles Matt Zegan had won the world title fight against the living in Hamburg defending champion Artur Grigorian and yet he was declared the loser. Yesterday's boxing evening [ ... ] had been clouded by the obvious miscarriage of justice in the lightweight title duel on the version of the World Boxing Organization ( WBO). "

" I feel cheated. Grigorian and universe for me are cheaters " Zegan said after the fight. " I need to miss two months, my family, my child - all for one goal. I do not understand this sentence. "

" I give him revenge ," the Uzbek said after the fight. Once again Kohl: "The verdict is unpleasant. Now is conjectured again, we would move the fighting, "said the universe boss, who offered the unrestrained weeping Zegan an immediate rematch. " We will also come to Poland. We straighten something. "

But the promised rematch never came there.

Title loss

The unbeaten Brazilian Acelino Freitas was the first enemy who was expected in the Ring Magazine's top ten, although a class lower in the super featherweight division. Before the fight said Fritz Sdunek: "It 's just our chance that no one trusts Artur something. But every enemy is beatable. And the preparation has voted me very optimistic. "But Grigorian defeated Freitas clearly was twice on the ground.

He denied even a victorious non-title fight and then ended his career.

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