Acestrorhynchus microlepis

Spindelsalmler ( Acestrorhynchus: Gr. Akestra = needle, rhyngchos = pine) is a genus of freshwater fish from the order of tetras. Its distribution area is located in northern South America in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco. Three species live even in the São Francisco River, and in the system of Río Paraná, Rio Paraguay and Río de la Plata. The fish live mainly near the shore and in lakes, the smallest species found in the igarapés called small rivers and streams of the Amazon region.


Acestrorhynchus species will generate 3.5 to 40 centimeters long. They have a pike -like, elongated, covered with relatively small scales body and a large, deeply divided mouth. There are predators that specialize in fish food. The dentition on the premaxilla ( front part of the upper jaw ), the posterior part of the maxilla ( upper jaw bone ) and the dentary ( lower jaw bone ) consists of large, conical canines. In some species can be found on the Ectopterygoid and the Mesopterygoid smaller or tiny conical teeth. When the mouth is closed the first infra orbitals covers the maxilla. On the Premaxillare is an extension of the lateral line organ.

The dorsal fin is behind the center of the body and the tail fin is closer than the head, the anal fin is sickle-shaped.


There are 15 types:

  • Acestrorhynchus abbreviatus ( Cope, 1878)
  • Acestrorhynchus altus ( Menezes, 1969)
  • Acestrorhynchus apurensis (Toledo - Piza y Menezes, 1996)
  • Acestrorhynchus britskii ( Menezes, 1969)
  • Acestrorhynchus falcatus ( Bloch, 1794)
  • Acestrorhynchus falcirostris ( Cuvier, 1819)
  • Acestrorhynchus grandoculis ( Menezes y Gery, 1983)
  • Acestrorhynchus heterolepis ( Cope, 1878)
  • Acestrorhynchus isalineae ( Menezes y Gery, 1983)
  • Acestrorhynchus lacustris ( Lütken, 1875)
  • Acestrorhynchus maculipinna ( Menezes y Gery, 1983)
  • Acestrorhynchus microlepis ( Schomburgk, 1841)
  • Acestrorhynchus minimus ( Menezes, 1969)
  • Acestrorhynchus nasutus ( Eigenmann, 1912)
  • Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro ( Menezes, 1992)