Action game

Action game is a collective term for all computer game genres, where game mechanics mostly the skill and speed of response of the player calls. This is usually accompanied with a strong emphasis on the real-time aspect.

In most action games, the player controls a single character or a vehicle. Through the use of hit points the character is mortal, or the vehicle is destroyed, so that the intact overlap of game play to the basic requirements counts. In many action games, the player can defeat attacking enemies while by the use of firearms ( first-person shooter, third-person shooter, Shoot ' em up ) or by Martial attacks ( Beat' em up ). Other Action games, such as Jump ' n' runs, make overcoming obstacles through acrobatic jumps to the main component of the game play.

Action game genres

The most important computer game genres under the collective term action game are:

  • Action - Adventure
  • Action role-playing game
  • First person shooter
  • Jump ' n' run ( platform game )
  • Racing game
  • Third -person shooter