Microsoft ActiveSync is a software for data synchronization between a PC and a mobile device. There are different products from Microsoft support, from the Windows Vista operating system the software is no longer supported and replaced by Windows Mobile Device Center.

Microsoft also uses the term ActiveSync more things:

Both ActiveSync for Windows Mobile and the ActiveSync protocol to be developed by Microsoft. In the following, only by the ActiveSync software for PCs is mentioned, the same protocol is described in the article Exchange ActiveSync.

The software enables access to the folder structure, contacts and appointments of the mobile device and sync any changes in personal information manager that were made ​​on the PC or the PDA. The conversion of file types from the desktop version in the format of the mobile program is only available for data, which have been edited in Word Microsoft's own program Outlook, Excel. Files can be held by the Exchange server or in the specific folder for files and be reconciled during synchronization. Other programs can be synchronized via solutions of other vendors with the mobile device.


PC operating systems

PDA and smartphone operating systems


There are several alternatives to ActiveSync, each with different functions and in different compatibility with PC software and mobile devices. Most of these offers ( such as Intellisync Mobile Suite and Sprite Backup ) Payable in contrast to ActiveSync. In the field of free software alternative OpenSync, which is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows for free there.


As the successor to ActiveSync Microsoft provides for Windows Vista and 7, the software Windows Mobile Device Center as a 32- bit version and 64 -bit version. The version of Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is to be used only for smartphones running Windows Mobile 2003 or higher installed.