Adam Air

Soekarno -Hatta International Airport

Adam Air, officially PT Adam Skyconnection Airlines, was an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta and based on the local Soekarno -Hatta International Airport.


Adam Air was launched on 21 November 2002 by two Indonesian businessmen, Agung Laksono and Sandra Ang, launched and commenced operations on 19 December 2003 with two aircraft, a Boeing 737-400 and a Boeing 737-500 on. The first of these flew only from the base in Jakarta, Medan, Denpasar and Yogyakarta. Although she was often referred to as low-cost airline, it was more like a traditional airline with Spartan -flight catering and reserved seats at cheap rates.

On 23 February 2006 announced Adam Air to lease six Airbus A320 -200. At the Asian Aerospace 2006 24 additional Airbus A320-200s were ordered, to be delivered from 2007.

On 22 February 2007, a day after a Boeing 737-300 was broken after a hard touchdown in Surabaya, the Indonesian authorities ordered a temporary ban for all seven in-service Boeing 737-300 of society. Also, could two pilots of the airline temporarily control no more aircraft.

Due to safety concerns and doubts about the state supervisory structure Adam Air was like all other Indonesian airlines incorporated in June 2007 in the list of operating bans for the airspace of the European Union, such that for all machines was a flight ban in the EU.

In June 2008, the company was the flight operating license permanently withdrawn by the Indonesian government, after a temporary flight ban had been imposed already on 19 March 2008, after another accident, yet.


Adam Air operated until withdrawal of the license mainly national goals such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, Medan, Padang, Banda Aceh, Batam, Balikpapan and Makassar. International Penang and Singapore were also served.


Finally, the fleet consisted of Adam Air in April 2008 from 21 aircraft:

  • 04 Boeing 737-200
  • 05 Boeing 737-300
  • 11 Boeing 737-400
  • 01 Boeing 737-500
  • 30 Airbus A320 -200


Adam Air posted in its history, several serious incidents:

  • On January 1, 2007, a Boeing 737-400 airline, which was on flight from Surabaya to Manado DHI574 reported missing. According to airline there were 96 passengers, including eleven children, and six crew members on board. The last known position of the machine was 3 ° 13 ' 55 " S, 119 ° 9' 10" E - 3.232119.15283333333. The aircraft with registration PK- KKW was in operation and during this time for eight airlines in operation for nearly 18 years. It had completed 45 371 flight hours and had been waiting for the last time on December 25, 2006 according to Adam Air. The Indonesian military has earlier reports about the discovery of the missing aircraft withdrawn, so it is still unclear whether there were survivors because the wreck was not found as before. On January 11, however, appeared first wreckage and on 27 January the flight recorders were located in 1900 and 2000 m water depth. The flight recorders were recovered on 27 August and taken for evaluation in the United States.
  • On 21 February 2007, a Boeing 737-300 Adam Air severely damaged with the registration PK- KKV on KI172 flight from Jakarta to Surabaya by a hard landing. The structure of the aircraft was so badly affected by the touchdown on the runway of the airport Surabaya that it came directly behind the wings to a strong deformation of the hull. In the incident, none of the 148 passengers was seriously injured.
  • On 10 March 2008 the crew of the Boeing 737-400 lost with the registration PK- KKT while landing in torrential rain in Bantam control of the aircraft. The machine went off the runway and the landing gear collapsed. A wing and the engines were badly damaged. Of 174 passengers and crew members, only five were slightly injured, the rest came off with a fright.