Adone Zoli

Adone Zoli ( born December 16, 1887 in Cesena, † February 20, 1960 in Rome) was Prime Minister of Italy from 19 May 1957 to 19 June 1958.

Zoli studied law at the University of Bologna and was then a lawyer. In 1919, he joined the Catholic PPI by Luigi Sturzo. He represented there antifascist views. In 1926, the PPI was banned. After the fall of Mussolini Zoli was a member of the Liberation Council since 1943. He was a founding member of the Christian Democrats. In 1945 he became a member of the House of Representatives. From 1950 to 1951, Zoli Vice President of the Senate, between 26 July 1951 and the July 7, 1953 Minister of Justice and 18 January 1954 he was until February 10, 1954 Finance Minister of Italy. After the death of Alcide de Gasperi was Zoli Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies from 1956 to 1958 then budget minister, in which he took over from Antonio Segni and the Office of the Prime Minister in May 1957.