Aergia ( Ἀεργία ancient Greek ) is the Greek goddess or a daimon of laziness, out, of idleness and inertia. Her parents are Gaia and Aether. In Rome it corresponds to the Socordia.

Myth and Description

In Hyginus be as siblings dolor (pain), Dolus, Ira (anger ), Luctus ( mourning), Mendacium ( lie), Iusiurandum ( Eid ), Ultio ( revenge ), Intemperantia ( intemperance ), Altercatio (Zank ), Oblivio, Timor ( fear ), Superbia ( pride ), Incestum (Lust ) and Pugna (Combat) called. Specific mention is her sister Horme that forms as a goddess of activity their antagonist.

From her relatively little is known except that they should guard the Kingdom of Hypnos. Therefore, it is also described that transmits a sleepy and sluggish effect on a front of the Grotto. These are the powers of Hypnos and Aergia.


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