Dolos (mythology)

Dolos (Greek Δόλος, List, Latin Dolus ) is a daimon from Greek and Roman mythology. He is the personification of deception and fraud.


According to Cicero, he is a descendant of the Erebus and Nyx, according to Hyginus of Aether and Gaia. In a fable by Aesop, he is a student of the Titan Prometheus. As Prometheus out of clay the Aletheia formed, the personification of truth, he was called away from his work and he let Dolos alone in his workshop. Dolos formed by Aletheia, so an exact copy was created, but the sound was not enough for the feet. As Prometheus returned, he was impressed with the work so that he burned both figures and breathed two lives. Aletheia could go, her unfinished twin had to remain at their location and is the personification of falsehood.

Doom bringer of attacks or plans are called Dolos or Metis and termed woven.


In German, the noun taken from the Latin Dolus (and the associated adjective dolos, ie dolos ) a criminal technical term meaning " with intent " ( in contrast to the "negligence" ), about the tort of deceit. In particular, it is understood in the technical language of the auditor under a fraudulent act infidelity and false accounting.