AFC Telford United

The AFC Telford United ( officially: Association Football Club Telford United) is an English football club based in Telford. While the crew is never fulfilled on league level from the non- league football, the predecessor club Telford United FC won three Welsh Cup competition and the FA Trophy, respectively.


Telford United was founded in 1872 under de name Parish Church Institute, seven years later changed the name but in Wellington Town. Under this name, the team took their first title in 1902 when it decided the Welsh Cup competition for themselves. 1907 and 1940 reiterated the club 's success. At league level, however, the club played only at the regional level. 1958, the club rose to the top flight in the Southern Football League, his time outside of the Football League. With the incorporation of Wellington in the newly founded city plan Telford, the club changed its name again in 1969 and was from then on as Telford United. This is the name of the club in 1971, the FA Trophy won for the first time after a playoff win over Hillingdon Borough.

As a permanent participant in the Southern Football League Telford United belonged in 1978 to the founding members of the Alliance Premier League, now the Football Conference. In subsequent seasons, the club regularly occupied spaces in the middle table space. In cup competitions, he was more successful: in 1983 and 1989, he won again the FA Trophy, the team also reached several times the main rounds of the FA Cup.

At the turn of the millennium Telford United has become increasingly professionalized. However, it took over the club in 2004 and went into liquidation. From the supporters, however, a new club was founded under the name of AFC Telford United, who won a starting place in the Northern Premier League Division One North. Within three seasons, the club rose to twice and in 2007 reached the Conference North. As Table Second, the team qualified for the play-offs, failed there but at the AFC Barrow. In 2011 she repeated the runner-up, this time succeeded in promotion to the Conference National.