Aftershock (2010 film)

  • Xu Fan Li Yuanni (mother)
  • Zhang Guoqiang Fang Daqiang (father)
  • Zhang Jingchu: Fang Deng / Wang Deng
  • Chen Li: Fang Da
  • Chen Daoming Wang Deqing ( Deng's adoptive father)
  • Chen Jin Dong Guilan ( Deng's adoptive mother)
  • Lu Yi Yang Zhi ( biological father of Wang Deng's daughter)

Aftershock (Chinese唐山 大 地震, Pinyin Tangshan Dàdìzhèn ) is a Chinese disaster movie from the year 2010. The film is about the Tangshan earthquake, which occurred on 27 July 1976. Directed by Feng Xiaogang. The budget was just under 25 million U.S. dollars.


1976 Tangshan is ravaged by a massive earthquake that tears apart in addition to numerous other victims also two siblings. Your mother must decide which of the two children will be saved, as a concrete slab threatens to overwhelm them both. She chooses the still prevailing understanding of the value of children to the son, who as a result of the accident loses an arm but survived. His mother stays with him in the city. The daughter can be salvaged later still alive and growing as an adopted daughter of Red Army soldiers on in another city.

In the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, the siblings meet in the wake of bailouts again.


The lexicon of the International film saw a " ( b ) ewegendes, impressively staged drama that brings the turmoil of modern Chinese society metaphorically expressed. A prestigious project of the Chinese film industry with a number of stars in the country. "