Age of Empires (video game)

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios for the Microsoft Game Studios.


Since then, the game is set in ancient times, before the rise of Rome. In the foreground of the game are twelve different civilizations that are characterized by different strengths and weaknesses. Four of these civilizations are presented in " campaigns ", which the player over the course of several "scenarios" by playing. A simple example campaign leads the novice to the game. In addition, a "normal" game on different, randomly generated maps against computer or human opponents (on the network or via the Internet) possible.

In all games, the player experiences the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age ( however, certain times are spared in some scenarios). It is at the beginning of the game to leave the nomadic villagers find a good place for a village center, which is the starting point for the construction of another economy. In the village center more villagers are created, build the building and four different resources to install and remove: food, wood, stone and gold. In some buildings combat units can be created, in turn technologies are explored in others. Towers and walls can be built for defense.

There are twelve races to choose from, each of which different units or technologies from the universal " technology tree " missing. In addition, the various peoples in the possession of specific bonuses. This civilizations have individual strengths and weaknesses, which allows certain tactics or is detrimental. The twelve available peoples: Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chosonen (as Korean culture ), Greeks, Hittites, Minoans, Persians, Phoenicians, Shang, Sumerian and Yamato.

Game play

Won a game by default, by defeating all enemies or conquered all of the artifacts or any ruins or built a wonder of the world and this holds for a certain time without being destroyed. There are four campaigns whose individual scenarios have different victory conditions.

The demo version of the game includes a learning campaign of five scenarios to the rise of the Hittites, ending with the Battle of Kadesh. This campaign, as well as the additional simulation of a Bronze Age battle, is not included in the original game.

A crucial part of the entire series is the supplied editing. There are now a large number of campaigns and single player scenarios that have been created by fans.

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

The Rise of Rome Expansion ( German: " The rise of Rome " ) provides, among others, new races, more warlike ways and four new campaigns to choose from, which deal with the Roman Empire. In technical terms, some play is improved. The new races are the Carthaginians, the Macedonians, the Palmyrenes and the eponymous Romans. Like its predecessor, also here the demo version maps ( Carthaginian campaign, which deals with the Punic wars ) that are not included in the original game.