The Koreans are a people of East Asia. Most Koreans live in South and North Korea and speak the Korean language.

There live about 150,000 to 200,000 adopted children as people of Korean descent in about 14 countries outside of Korea. They are now referred to in South Korea by law as " compatriots abroad " ( 재외 동포 ).

The Koreans on the territory of the former Soviet Union call themselves Koryŏsaram 고려 사람.

According to estimates, the ethnic Koreans spread around the world as follows:


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The Korean culture has been able to develop during the 3,000 years of Korean history and differs in many ways from the Japanese and Chinese culture. Due to the division of the country and the different state ideologies, the culture developed in North and South Korea today is very different. While the culture is through the foreclosure of North Korea there still quite traditional, Western influence in South Korea is clearly perceptible. In areas such as popular music, film and television, there are a lot of exchange and a lot in common with Japan. Nevertheless, especially Confucian basis of traditional culture in the south is clearly visible.