Nu people

The Nu (Chinese怒族) are a Tibeto - Burmese people in Southwest China. At the census in the year 2010 37.523 Nu were counted, of which 96.45 % in Yunnan Province, mainly Nujiang Lisu live in the Autonomous District. Further 1.42 % of Nu live in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The Nu in the circles Lushui and Fugong make up half of the Nu- population and speak Nusu (怒 苏 语), a smaller group of about 8.3 % in the circles Lanping and Lushui speaks Zauzou (柔 若 语). Nusu and Zauzou both belong to the Yi languages. Approximately 30.6 % of Nu, especially in the Autonomous District Gongshan, speak alteration (独 龙 语), other 11.1% in Fugong and Gongshan which is still largely unclassified Tibeto-Burman Ayi (阿夷 语or阿 侬 语). There are also around 400 Nu in Fugong speaking drying. Drying and alteration among the nungischen languages.

The Nu are predominantly followers of indigenous beliefs. Among them, there are also about 10% Protestant and Catholic Christians as well as individual followers of Tibetan Buddhism ( " Lamaism ").