The Bonan (保安族) or Bao'an (such as the Dongxiang ) mongolischstämmige a Muslim ethnic minority of the People's Republic of China and are one of the 56 officially recognized nationalities in the country. Its population is 20 077 ( census 2010).

In addition to the Bonan Dongxiang among the smaller ethnic groups in northern China. It is difficult to trace their history clearly. According to one tradition, the Bonan descendants to Islam Mongolian soldiers in the Mongol armies overran much of Asia after the Mongol invasion, before 1368 settled in this region. Over many generations, the Bonan and the neighboring Tibetans, Hui and Han Chinese intermarried. Until the 19th century, they converted to Islam.

The Bonan live in the northwestern provinces of Gansu and Qinghai. Together with the Dongxiang Autonomous County share the Jishishan in the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture. Most Bonan are farmers who mainly grow wheat and rye. But you also trade with wood, charcoal manufacture or silversmithing. The Bonan manufacture of the famous in the whole region Bonanmesser. The knife is made ​​of brass or copper, the handle is intricately carved from animal bones.

Dissemination of Bonan at the provincial level according to the data of the census of 2010 ( as of 1 November 2010)