She people

The She ( Chinese畲族, Pinyin Shēzú ) are one of the 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities of the People's Republic of China. At the census in 2010 they numbered 708 651 people.


Most She ( almost 99%) speak a dialect of Hakka, often also of other regional languages ​​of the dominant Han. Ho Nte, the language of the She is only spoken by about 1,200 people (0.17 % of all China's She ), which, in the circles Boluo and Huidong Huizhou City, the county Haifeng Shanwei City and in the independent city Zengcheng the belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city of Guangzhou, live. These four administrative areas of which have only speak loudly census 2000 She- total population of 1,537 people, more than 300 Cantonese. Ho Nte is one of the Hmong - Mien languages ​​(also known as Miao - Yao languages) and forms a distinct subgroup among them.

Dissemination of She in China

The nearly 45,000 She in Guizhou Province form a separate subgroup that Dongjia (东 家人Dongjia ren ), the culturally very different from the She in the other settlement areas.

Provincial level

At the census in the year 2000 709.592 She was counted in China.

County level

Here only values ​​from 0.5 % have been considered. AB = Autonomous District, AK = Autonomous District.