Wenzhou (温州Chinese, Pinyin Wenzhou) is a prefecture-level city in the south of Zhejiang Province in the People's Republic of China. Wenzhou is located in a mountainous region along the river Ou ( Ou Jiang), about 30 km from the coast to the East China Sea and is the economic and cultural center of South Zhejiang. The city has an area of ​​11,784 km ² managed and about 7.44 million inhabitants ( end of 2003). The closed core of settlement Wenzhou houses on an area of ​​1188 km ² around 1.4 million inhabitants with a strong growth trend.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Wenzhou sets of three districts, six counties and two independent cities together. These are:

  • City District Lucheng -鹿城 区Lucheng Qū;
  • Municipality longwan -龙湾 区longwan Qū;
  • Municipality Ouhai -瓯海区Ōuhǎi Qū;
  • Rui'an City -瑞安 市Rui'an Shì;
  • Yueqing City -乐清 市Yueqing Shì;
  • Yongjia county -永嘉 县Yǒngjiā Xiàn;
  • Circle Wencheng -文 成 县Wencheng Xiàn;
  • Pingyang county -平阳县Pingyang Xiàn;
  • Circle Taishun -泰顺 县Taishun Xiàn;
  • Circle Dongtou -洞头县Dongtou Xiàn;
  • Cangnan county -苍南县Cangnan Xiàn.


The city and its region is a center of Chinese consumer goods production. In numerous rather small to medium sized factories working under often simple conditions. Many of the farms are now privately managed, which has led to a significant new propertied middle of poverty. The main export products are textiles in mass production, sports and leather shoes ( with up to 4000 company is Wenzhou is the leading site in China ), Lighters ( 70% share worldwide ), spectacle frames (one of the main production sites worldwide) or simpler electronics products. Since wages in Wenzhou are already quite high by Chinese standards, try the factory lines branch departments or entire branches abroad to establish, especially in Africa, but also in the Chinese hinterland, where still can be produced cheaper. It is striking that after a period of almost exclusive focus on Western product samples ( " copies " ) now also increasingly own design, such as in shoe models, is forced into the market has become tougher. Wenzhou has an international harbor.


Founded in the 4th century AD Wenzhou was opened to foreign trade in 1876.

In the 19th century it became an important Teehafen.

On September 1, 2005, the City of Typhoon Talim was strongly affected.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Zhou Daguan ( 13-14. Century), diplomat and author
  • Feng Zhenghu (born 1954 ), economist and human rights activist
  • Zeng Chenggang ( born 1960 ), sculptor and university teacher
  • Zhu Chen (born 1976 ), world chess champion


Wenzhou has partnerships with

  • Alicante (Spain )
  • Giessen ( Germany )
  • Ishinomaki (Japan )
  • The province of Prato (Italy) and
  • The Union County, New Jersey (USA).