Lishui (丽水 市; Pinyin: Líshuǐ Shì ) is a prefecture-level city in the southwestern Chinese province of Zhejiang. To the north it borders the prefecture-level cities Quzhou, Jinhua and Taizhou, Wenzhou to the southeast, the southwest by the province of Fujian. Lishui has an area of ​​17,928 km ² and about 2,520,000 inhabitants ( end of 2005).

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city of Lishui is made at the district level of a municipality, a county- town, six districts and one autonomous county. These are:

  • Municipality Liandu (莲都区), seat of city government;
  • Longquan City (龙泉 市);
  • Jinyun county (缙云 县);
  • Qingtian county (青田 县);
  • Qingyuan County (庆元 县);
  • Circle Song Yang (松 阳县);
  • Circle Suichang (遂昌县);
  • Yunhe District (云 和 县);
  • Autonomous County of Jingning She (景宁 畲族 自治县).