Chinese Tatars

The Tatars China (塔塔尔族Tǎtǎěrzú ) are one of the 56 nationalities officially recognized the People's Republic of China. At the census in 2010 only 3,562 Tatars in China were counted.

Their ancestors were Volga - Tatar merchants and traders, who settled since the 1820s in Xinjiang.

Language and writing

Just under 800 China Tatars speak an archaic variant of Tartar, which is free of the foreign words of the modern literary language. In private correspondence sometimes is also the Arabic script ( Iske imla alphabet ) for the Tatar in use. The majority of Tatars China talks - depending on the settlement area - Uighur or Kazakh as their native language and often as the only language. The education is done accordingly in Uighur or Kazakh and thus the usual in China Arabic script for these two languages ​​are learned.

Dissemination of the Tartars in China

Distribution at the provincial level according to the data of the census of 2010 ( as of 1 November 2010)

Distribution areas at the county level ( census 2000)

At the census in the year 2000 4.890 Tatars were counted in China.

Here only values ​​from 1% were considered. AG = Autonomous Region, AB = Autonomous District, AK = Autonomous District.

Known Tatars China

  • Margub Timergalijewitsch Ischakow, Major General, 1923-1992