Bouyei people

The Bouyei ( official spelling of the PRC: Buyei; own name: Buxqyaix [pu ʔjai ] ;布依族Chinese, Pinyin Bùyīzú ) are an ethnic minority that lives primarily in Guizhou province in the south of the People's Republic of China. At the census in 2010 2.871.825 Bouyei were counted. But they also live in Vietnam. Her mother tongue is the same Bouyei.

They are known for traditionally completely to build their houses including the roof of stone, contrary to the usual in southern China and the ethnic groups of the Tai - Kadai language family wooden stilts and construction.

Their categorization as a separate nation is somewhat controversial outside China. Is a dialect continuum between their language and the language of the Zhuang. As a separation between Zhuang and Bouyei the boundary between Guizhou and Guangxi was initially simply defined. Meanwhile, there are also Bouyei in Guangdong and Guangxi.

Dissemination of Bouyei in China

Distribution at the provincial level according to the data of the census of 2010 ( as of 1 November 2010)

Dissemination at the district level ( according to the data of the 2000 census )

Here only values ​​greater than 0.1% were considered.

AG = Autonomous Region; AB = Autonomous District; AK = Autonomous District.

Pictures of Bouyei people