Liuzhi Special District

The special area Liuzhi (六枝 特区, Liuzhi tequ ) is a special area of the prefecture-level city in the Chinese province of Guizhou Liupanshui. It has an area of 1792.1 square kilometers and counts 635 100 inhabitants (2003 ). Capital is the greater community Pingzhai平 寨镇.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Liuzhi sets of five large municipalities and fourteen municipalities, nine of national minorities together. These are:

  • Greater community Pingzhai平 寨镇
  • Greater community Langdai郎 岱 镇
  • Large village Yanjiao岩 脚 镇
  • Greater community Mugang木 岗镇
  • Greater community Dayong大用 镇
  • Community Xinyao新 窑 乡
  • Community Luobie the Bouyei and Yi落 别 布依族 彝族 乡
  • Community Zhexi the Yi折 溪 彝族 乡
  • Community Niuchang the Miao and Yi牛场 苗族 彝族 乡
  • Community Xinchang新 场 乡
  • Community Zhongzhai the Miao, Yi and Bouyei中 寨 苗族 彝族 布依族 乡
  • Community Duoque堕 却 乡
  • Community Qingkou the Yi, Gelao and Bouyei箐 口 彝族 仡佬族 布依族 乡
  • Community Sazhi the Yi, Miao and Bouyei洒 志 彝族 布依族 苗族 乡
  • Community Maokou the Bouyei and Miao毛 口 布依族 苗族 乡
  • Community of Long Chang龙 场 乡
  • Community Xinhua新华 乡
  • Community Suoga the Miao and Yi梭 嘎 苗族 彝族 乡
  • Community Longjiao the Bouyei陇 脚 布依族 乡