Ningde (Chinese宁德 市) is a prefecture-level city of Fujian province.

Ningde is located north of the provincial capital Fuzhou, is adjacent to the neighboring province of Zhejiang and has over the Taiwan Strait access to the Pacific.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Ningde liberated from one municipality, six counties and two independent cities together. These are:

  • Municipality Jiaocheng (蕉城区), 1537 km ², 420,000 inhabitants, the city center and seat of the municipal government;
  • Circle Shouning (寿宁 县), 1425 km ², 250,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Aoyang (鳌 阳镇);
  • Circle Xiapu (霞浦 县), 1716 km ², 520,000 inhabitants, capital: Street district Songcheng (松 城 街道);
  • Circle Zherong (柘荣县), 544 km ², 100,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Shuangcheng (双 城镇);
  • Circle Pingnan (屏南 县), 1485 km ², 180,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Gufeng (古 峰 镇);
  • Gutian county (古田 县), 2377 km ², 420,000 inhabitants;
  • Circle Zhouning (周 宁县), 1047 km ², 190,000 inhabitants, capital: greater community Shicheng (狮城 镇);
  • Fuan City (福安 市), 1795 km ², 610,000 inhabitants;
  • Fuding City (福鼎 市), 1526 km ², 560,000 inhabitants.


Numbers: Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2003 ( 2002 figures)


The Sandu Bay is one of the most important ports in Fujian Province. The city of Ningde but - despite its location on the coast - the poorest prefecture-level city in Fujian. To improve the situation, the province promotes cooperation between differently developed regions. Meanwhile, there is an economic cooperation between Fuzhou and Ningde the. Near Ningde City is currently building the same nuclear power plant.


The main sights of the city are:

  • Zhiti the temple on the Huotong Mountain,
  • The Taimu Mountain,
  • Jiulongji the waterfall,
  • Mandarin Duck creek,
  • The only nature reserve for Mandarin ducks in China, see Yuanyang Brook.


Famous people

  • Lin Zhenhan林振翰(* 1884 - † 1932): Renowned scholar who introduced the planned language Esperanto in China.
  • Liu Zhongzao刘 中 藻(* 1605 - † 1649): He took the Jesuit Martino Martini (* 1614 - † 1661) in the district of Ningde.
  • Ao Xie谢 翱(* 1249 - † 1295): A well-known poet, who was loyal to the Song Dynasty, when it was destroyed by the Mongols.
  • Xue Lingzhi薛 令 之(* 683 - † 757): The first detectable graduate of the top civil service exam from Fujian province, and with 24 years already.