Aiden is a Founded in 2003, American post-hardcore band from Seattle, Washington, which is due also attributed to the horror punk.


In spring 2004, the high school students decided Angel Ibarra (guitar), Jake Wambold (guitar) and Jake Davison (drums) and Wil Francis ( bass) to form a band. They named themselves after a character in the horror film Ring. Back in July of the same year they made at their first gig at a pizzeria in Seattle their first five self-written songs before. Shortly after, Nick Wiggins joined the band and completed the existing quintet. Their debut album Our Gang 's Dark Oath was released in 2004 on Dead Teenager Records, the label of the drummer of the band Zeke, their production and distribution was largely taken over by the members themselves. After a tour with the Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein, they were taken from their label Victory Records. In October 2004, Aiden then took their second album Nightmare Anatomy on the market. After they toured at the 2006 Kerrang XXV with HIM, they were honored at the Kerrang Awards as Best International Newcomer, and sat down, inter alia, against Panic at the Disco, From First to Last and Angels & Airwaves by.

In mid-2008, guitarist Jake Wambold the band.

In autumn 2008, Aiden was reunited with her "The little children suffer Tour " on Tour. In Germany they have occurred.


Aiden combine post-hardcore in their songs and horror punk. Among these three influences of groups like Thursday, Avenged Sevenfold and Coheed and Cambria recognize, according to the band statement are other important influences AFI and the newer Misfits. Aiden have announced on their website that they would play horror rock, however, this term is usually used for a completely different genre.



  • 2004: Our Gang 's Dark Oath
  • 2005: Nightmare Anatomy
  • 2006: Our gangs Dark Oath Re-Issue
  • 2006: Rain In Hell
  • 2007: Conviction
  • 2009: Knives
  • 2011: Disguises
  • 2011: Some Kind Of Hate


  • 2004: I Set My Friends On Fire
  • 2004: Fifteen
  • 2005: Knife Blood Nightmare
  • 2005: The Last Sunrise
  • 2005: The Romantic
  • 2007: We Sleep Forever
  • 2007: One Love
  • 2007: moment
  • 2008: Cry Little Sister
  • 2009: Scavengers of the Damned
  • 2011: Hysteria