Air Kazakhstan

Almaty airport

Air Kazakhstan was a state Kazakh airline based in Almaty.


Air Kazakhstan was established on 8 October 1996 as Kazakhstan Airways, but moved to Air Kazakhstan the name later and took their flight operations on March 10, 1997.


On 29 February 2004 she was bankrupt. In April 2004, she was told by a local court for bankruptcy. Successor as national airline was Air Astana.


Air Kazakhstan led by national and international flights from Almaty Airport.


Until the termination of the flight operation in February 2004, the fleet of Air Kazakhstan consisted of 30 aircraft:


  • Air Kazakhstan was involved in a fatal plane crash in the air: On the evening of November 12 1996, an Ilyushin Il- 76 of the Air Kazakhstan collided ( Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907) with 27 passengers and 10 crew members aboard a Boeing 747- 168B Saudi Arabian Airlines ( flight 763 ) above the village Charkhi Dadri, Haryana (India ), so both fell on a field. All 349 occupants of both machines were killed. This was due to human error on the part of Air Kazakhstan pilots, who did not understand the instructions and warnings of the local air traffic control, which usually take place in English. This was until today ( 1 July 2008) the most serious collision in the air in the civil aviation and the third- worst plane crash ever.