is an aviation website, especially a photo database with more than two million entries of airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft and aviation -related infrastructure (such as airports, aircraft carrier ) offering. There will also be located on the site, a knowledge database on transport aircraft.


The project was established in 1994. Swedish student Johan Lundgren had previously published a collection of his own aircraft photos on his website Pictures of Modern Airliners. Over time, Lundgren received photos from other enthusiasts who were also available for viewing in a range YourphotoS. In 1997 the company moved to its own web server and renaming on the name still known today. The site was expanded to technical information of the planes shown, discussion forums for aviation photographer and a web shop for aviation products. With an increasing number of servers and storage, the technical infrastructure was eventually housed in the premises of the Technical University of Luleå.

In July 2007 the project from a commercial supplier, Demand Media was acquired, based in Santa Monica, and has since operated from there. Some users of this step has been massively criticized because they feared a commercialization of the project. Lundgren and Demand Media justified the measure with the now enormous organizational effort.

There are still photos and information that will eventually be published by volunteer experienced staff, so-called " screeners ", checked in terms of content and quality. Is a prerequisite for the selection of photos published that the representation is of high quality or a historically notable incident is shown.


The website is funded by ads, such as from airlines or manufacturers of aviation and travel industries.

Users may download images for their own purposes from the website. These images are identified by markings, eg the word " " or the name of the photographer. The resolution shown is limited to anonymous users. A user account to upload images is free.

For a one time fee of 25 USD a full participation in all the forums possible.

For registered users of the website ("First Class Member " ) who pay a monthly fee of USD 5 eliminates the limitation of image resolution and the display of advertisements. In addition, paying users is an area for setting up a private photo album available.

Number of

The page is called daily by about 200,000 visitors, about three million times and has been shown outside of the English -speaking world in various media as an information source high quality.

Sister projects

Even outside of the online community there are meetings among users instead - mostly at airports such as Amsterdam, Manchester, Barcelona, ​​Madrid / Las Palmas, Zurich and Toronto.

Due to the strict selection criteria in the adoption of photos there is also a sister site, in almost every type of photos are accepted.