New York - John F. Kennedy

Jetblue Airways, proprietary notation jetBlue Airways is an American low-cost airline based in New York City and home base on the local John F. Kennedy International Airport.


Jetblue Airways was founded in part by former employees of Southwest Airlines 1999/2000. Today it is already the fourth largest low cost airline in the world. It belongs to the JetBlue Corporation, which is listed on the NASDAQ.

On 22 January 2008, Lufthansa announced the acquisition of approximately 42 million shares of Jetblue Airways neuemittierter. This corresponds to a share of 19 percent for a total price of 300 million U.S. dollars.

JetBlue (David Neeleman, CEO) has founded Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras with a new airline based in São Paulo, Brazil. This has commenced service in December 2008 and operated since then a growing network of domestic routes within Brazil. In October 2013, the 10,000. Aircraft was ordered from the A320 by JetBlue.

Business Model

Jetblue Airways is often praised for its comparatively high level of service compared to other low cost airlines. Thus, the frequent flyer program, True Blue, for example, as part of the company philosophy as an in-flight entertainment system, which provides free personal screens with TV reception at every seat. In addition, There is no fee for the first checked bag, unlike many other U.S. companies.


As of July 2013, the fleet consists of 186 aircraft Jetblue Airways:

The machines carry numerous different patterns in shades of blue on the vertical stabilizer.

The fleet is partially flown to Europe for maintenance. Meanwhile Jetblue Airways also has appropriate maintenance contracts with US-based service providers, among others, in collaboration with SR Technics. The engines of the model IAE V2500 -A5 might be overtaken in Germany by MTU Maintenance in Langenhagen.


Jetblue Airways recorded in its history no incidents with fatalities or aircraft losses. However, two incidents gained wide media attention:

  • On 21 September 2005 had 292 emergency landing with 139 passengers and six crew members on board at the airport Los Angeles JetBlue flight. This was due to a defect in the nose wheel, which had rotated 90 degrees and after the start could not be retracted. The machine named Blue Canyon was on the way from Burbank to New York and had to circle in front of the emergency landing several hours over the Pacific to consume fuel. The Airbus A320 -200 sat safely on the runway. In this incident, no one was injured.
  • On March 28, 2012, a pilot on flight 191 from New York to Las Vegas sparked by his frightening behavior from an emergency landing. In the state of mental confusion he left the cockpit, followed by the co-pilot locked the door. As the pilot in the cabin disjointed remarks about terrorism and religion made ​​and rattled the door to the cockpit, he had to be overpowered and detained by several passengers, to the co-pilot had landed the machine in Amarillo (Texas ). No one was injured.