Airlines of the TUI Travel group

The TUI Airline Management ( previously TUIfly ) since 2005 has been the integration of all residents in the whole of Europe airlines of the tourism group TUI Travel plc.

Since the brand was originally used TUIfly is now used by the same airline, TUI has gone to summarize all of its airlines under the term TUI Airlines. However, the TUI Airlines flight not form an alliance of several independent airlines in the classical sense. Rather, the flight schedules are coordinated, and the companies come into the public largely in a uniform appearance, similar to the corporate design of TUI. The airlines are assigned to subsidiaries of TUI Travel plc and the regions of Central, Northern and Western Europe.

The TUI Airlines are as of November 2011, the following brands:

The fleet of all TUI Airlines comprises together with stand in February 2014 a total of 147 aircraft. There are more than 160 destinations served worldwide, primarily international holiday destinations.