Thomsonfly was a British airline based in Luton. It belonged to the leisure travel group TUI and has partnered in 2008 with First Choice Airways Thomson Airways.


The company was founded in 1962 under the name Euravia near Luton. Two years later the name changed to Britannia Airways. In 1965, the company of Thomson Travel ( TUI today ) was taken.

As part of the standardization of the TUI Airlines, the name changed in 2005, Thomsonfly, according to the British TUI brand name Thomson. Since May 1, 2008 Thomsonfly ran together with First Choice Airways a common fleet, which occurs under the new brand Thomson Airways since 1 May 2009. As of 1 November, the flight operations to the new airline was transferred.


Thomsonfly fly from 20 UK airports from a total of 80 goals in the world, such as the Salzburg airport and in the winter months from Innsbruck Airport, Austria.


In April 2008, the fleet of 45 aircraft from Thomsonfly was:

Thomsonfly also nor smaller machines, such as Mooney possessed.