AK is an abbreviation for:

  • Box office, at concerts
  • Store room, at real estate ads
  • Advanced Course, departments, etc.
  • Adenylate kinase
  • Air Asia, Malaysian low-cost airline after the IATA code
  • Airways International Cymru, former British airline after the IATA code
  • Action Committee
  • AK -47, developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov assault rifle
  • AK -74, its further
  • AK 400, car model, see Citroën 2CV
  • Alaska, American State as postal abbreviation
  • Alfoldi Kéktúra, Hungarian long-distance footpath
  • Algorithmic composition
  • All power, high drive level for ships, see the list seafaring Glossary
  • General Hospital - in Austria but: AKH
  • Alternatively comment in the Law
  • Age class
  • Adjacent side in the triangle geometry
  • Cost ( commercial and tax law)
  • Postcard
  • Anticoagulation, coagulation inhibition by various drugs
  • Antonius College, private school in Milton of Campsie
  • Aortic valve, heart valve
  • Applied Kinesiology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that utilizes the manual muscle test as a test indicator
  • Labour, Austrian employee representation
  • Labour Conference
  • Working Group
  • Arlberg - Kandahar race, traditional event in alpine skiing
  • Army Corps
  • Armia Krajowa, the Polish Home Army in WWII
  • Ace and King, Star sheet at the Hold'em poker variants
  • Aujeszky's disease
  • Interchange
  • Drive-in theater
  • Automatic clutch, see central buffer coupling and coupling ( railway )
  • Brennabor type AK, cars of the upper class
  • Kiel Central Station DS 100
  • Opt-out clause, eg in contracts of professional football players, ( common abbreviation in football forums )

AK as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis old churches (Westerwald )
  • Greece: Lakonia (Sparta )
  • UK: Peterborough
  • Norway: Mysen in the province Østfold
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Australia
  • Ukraine: Autonomous Republic of Crimea

A. K. stands for:

  • Ultimate force ( submarine jargon ), see list seafaring Glossary

Ak stands for:

  • Ak (name ), a Turkish female first name and surname, the name of carriers
  • Ak 5, Swedish Maschinenkarabiner
  • Antibody
  • Labor, physical or mental capacity of a person, in particular Full - worker, unit from agriculture for the work of a man

Ak stands for:

  • Akan languages ​​, language code from ISO 639-1
  • Current camera, newscast on GDR television and DFF ( German television broadcasting )
  • Old - catholic, confession feature for the church tax collection on the tax card
  • Analysis & criticism, newspaper

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