Alain Menu

Menu won the 1997 and 2000 British Touring Car Championship. Today he drives in the World Touring Car Championship.


Menu, the son of a farmer, began his career in Formula Ford, where he ran from 1985 to 1987. He then moved for three years in the British Formula 3 Championship. After 1990, he took second place there, drove Menu 1991 in Formula 3000th He went back to Britain in 1992 and launched for BMW in the British Touring Car Championship BTCC. After a quad accident, he had to cancel the season after half the time.

In the six years to 1998 Menu for Renault raced in the BTCC. In the 1993 season he was fitted with a Renault 19, with which he occupied only a mediocre 10th place. From 1994, the Renault 19 was replaced by a Renault Laguna, won with the menu for three consecutive years the 2nd place in 1997 and the victory of the championship. After a disappointing 1998 season with 4th place and changed the menu to Ford, where he won in 2000 with a Ford Mondeo again the championship before he left the BTCC.

Alain Menu moved to the DTM, where he ran from 2001 to 2003 with moderate success (18th, 10th and 9th place) for Opel. At the same time he drove some races for Ferrari in the FIA GT Championship and the American Le Mans Series. In 2004 Menu has run two races in the British Porsche Carrera Cup and announced his return to touring car racing at. From 2005 began Menu for RML Chevrolet in the World Touring Car Championship on a Lacetti. He arrived here in 2005 to 13th place in 2006 to 15th place ( 1 win ), 2007 6th Place (5 wins ) and 2008 the 9th Place (3 wins ). In 2009 he moved with Chevrolet Lacetti from the Cruze, finishing in 10th place (2 wins ).

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