Alaska Airlines

  • Seattle
  • Anchorage
  • Portland
  • Los Angeles

Alaska Airlines is an American airline based in SeaTac in Seattle.


The origins of the Alaska Airlines go back as McGee Airways until 1932, which at first intercourse with a single-engine plane with only three seats between Anchorage and Bristol Bay. The company name was changed several times through mergers and acquisitions. The name Alaska Airlines was adopted in 1944. The sister - Airline and regional airline Horizon Air was founded after the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978, to fill gaps in the route network of major airlines in the Pacific Northwest. In 1985, the Alaska Air Group was established as a holding company and a year later they acquired Horizon Air and Jet America Airlines.

Today, the airline is the seventh largest low cost airline in the world. The company always adapted quickly new technologies; For example, Alaska Airlines was one of the first airlines who offer air tickets and check-in offered over the Internet and aufstellte check- in terminals at their airports.

In September 2011, Alaska Airlines has been condemned by the Federal Aviation Administration to pay a fine of 590,000 U.S. dollars, after it came to rule violations in the maintenance of a Boeing 737-400, a few years later, a fire broke out in consequence on board. The airline also had to pay an indemnity and 2 foremen were suspended for negligence due to lack of maintenance.


The route network covers about 40 cities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Earlier, the Russian East was served. The main hub is located at Seattle -Tacoma International Airport ( SEA). Other hubs are located at airports in Portland, Los Angeles and Anchorage.


As of October 2013, the fleet of Alaska Airlines consists of 128 aircraft with an average age of 9.6 years:

Many of Alaska Airlines aircraft are equipped with a system for Internet use on board of the provider Gogo, which while in flight, but currently only within the United States, surfing the Web for a fee is possible.


  • On September 4, 1971 fell Alaska Airlines Flight 1866, a Boeing 727-100, on approach to Juneau in Alaska during a severe blizzard against a mountain. This was due to misleading navigation instructions. All seven crew members and 104 passengers were killed.
  • On 31 January 2000, a McDonnell Douglas MD -83 crashed on Alaska Airlines Flight 261 into the Pacific Ocean near Point Mugu before California. All 88 people on board died. The reason was a maintenance error on the elevator.


  • Alaska Airlines distributed until 2012, traditionally with the meal prayer cards. This has already led to complaints and a brief echo in the media.