Albert of Strzelce

Albert of Strehlitz (Polish Albert Strzelecki; Czech Albert Střelecký; * ~ 1300/10, † 1366/75 ) was 1313-1366/75 Duke of Opole Duchy part Strehlitz. In 1327 he presented his country as a fief of the crown of Bohemia.


Albert came from the Opole Silesian branch of the Piast dynasty. His parents were Bolko I of Opole and Gremislava or Agnes NN After his father's death in 1313, the Duchy of Opole was divided for his three sons. Albert, the youngest, Strehlitz received. His eldest brother Bolko of Falkenberg Falkenberg and received the second-born of the same Bolko II received the order to the above areas reduced Duchy of Opole. Since Albert was still a minor when her father died, he was at first under the tutelage of the eldest brother Bolko. Albert resided in 1303 erected by his father ducal castle in Strehlitz ( castrum strelcense ).

Politically sat Albert böhm friendly policies of his father continued. This was on January 17, 1291, together with the Duke of Teschen Mesko I. Olomouc an alliance with King Wenceslas II closed, with the pledged the two Upper Silesian dukes, assist the King of Bohemia in the acquisition and enforcement of its rights and countries against anyone. Like his brothers imputed Albert his country in 1327 as a fief of the crown of Bohemia and thus achieved the connection to the German Reich. Already in 1326 he gave Strehlitz city rights.

Before 1347, Albert married to Agnes († 1371 ), daughter of Magdeburg Burggrafen Burchart of Hardegg. The marriage came as an only child, the daughter Elizabeth, who married the Duke Władysław Kujawy Bialy.

Albert financially supported the monastery sky wit founded by his father. In the monastery church he was buried after his death. Since he left no male descendants, came the duchy to his nephew Strehlitz Bolko III. of Opole.