Albert Spaggiari

Albert Spaggiari ( born December 14, 1932 in Laragne- Montéglin; † 8 June 1989 in Belluno ) was a French burglar, the 1976 was best known as the head of the slump in the bank Société Générale in Nice.

Together with some professional gangsters an eight-meter long tunnel was dug in the basement vaults of the Bank. On 16 July 1976, during a long weekend, the French national holiday, they then broke into the vault itself one, opened 400 safe deposit boxes, and captured an estimated 60 million francs in cash, securities and valuables.

After some time the police found the trail of the gang and attacked them on in October of the same year. During the hearings, Spaggiari was planning a movie-like escape - he wrote a document that was taken as evidence, but it used a code. During a conversation about this document to the competent judge Richard Bouaziz he drew from this, ran to the balcony window, jumped from the second floor on a parked car, rolled unharmed and rose to a waiting motorcycle.

It is speculated that he had to escape the help of the organization de l' armée secrète, to which he belonged as a fighter in the Algerian war. American intelligence reports tell of later activity in Chile.

Spaggiari was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment, but he was not caught up to his death. His lifeless body was found on June 10, 1989, his mother's house. Later reports claimed he died on June 8 in Piedmont laryngeal cancer in the presence of his mother, who drove over him even after France to bury him near their place of residence can.