Alexander Zverev

Alexander Mikhailovich Zverev (Russian Александр Михайлович Зверев, Alexander Zverev transcribed; born January 22, 1960 in Sochi) is a former Soviet tennis player.


Alexander Zverev played in the course of his professional career mainly on the ATP Challenger Tour. In the Grand Prix he has seen few successes against it. At the tournament in Geneva in 1985, he moved to a win over Damir Keretic in the second round. In the world rankings, he reached on 18 March 1985, ranking 175 its best ranking in singles, a double, he could at the same time rank number 307. At Grand Slam tournaments he got a total of three times in the main field: each in a single in 1985 at the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 1986 and 1985 in the mixed competition of the French Open.

In the Davis Cup, he completed 1979-1987 a total of 16 matches for the Soviet Davis Cup team. Out of 26 individual lots, he won twelve times in a double he won six of his ten games.


Alexander Swerews sons Misha and Alexander are both active as well as a tennis pro. He was for many years Mischa Swerews coach before he was replaced by Olivier Morel. Currently Alexander Zverev is coach his son of the same name.