The term all-star is from the U.S. sports area and designates a player because of its outstanding performance in the current season or great renown, either by number of votes from the fans or the club coaches, in an election as All-Star was appointed. The term was first in the major North American professional sports leagues use, except in the NFL that you call All-Star game Pro Bowl. Today, there are also outside of the United States in sports contests elections in which players can receive this award. In Germany host the Handball - Bundesliga, the National Basketball League and the German Ice Hockey League All-Star contest.

Every year the All-Star instead of games, in which players compete against each other a league that have performed best in the elections. The counterparty then play each in one of two selected teams, the so-called all-star teams competing for a region, Conference or Division. These two teams are supported by coaches who were the best in their field also in the season.

In addition to the All- Star game the league more events in the framework program still take place, such as music events. In basketball, this is often a dunking contest or a 3- competitive.