Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is the all-star game of the North American National Football League ( NFL). He was up in 2013, officially called the AFC - NFC Pro Bowl, since the teams are no longer together firmly by the Conference of the selected players, but by a draft. By 2009, he was held as the last game of the season, usually a week after the Super Bowl. From 1980 to 2009, the Pro Bowl has been held annually Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii at Aloha. As of 2010, the Pro Bowl should not be permanently assigned to Honolulu, but take place at different venues. This idea, however, the NFL took after only one game in Miami back distance, and so the Pro Bowl since 2011 will be held at Hawaii.

For players, coaches, referees and cheerleaders, it is honorable to be nominated to participate in the Pro Bowl. The market value of players increases thereby.


An all- star game between the new masters of the league and a national team was first added in January 1939 (at the end of the 1938 season ) to the NFL schedule. In the first game on the Wrigley Field in Los Angeles, the New York Giants beat a selected team of all NFL teams ( with occasional players in the Los Angeles Bulldogs and the Hollywood Allstars ).

The NFL reformed the Pro Bowl in 1951, from then on it became a contest between two All-Star teams from the various leagues: "American " versus " national " ( 1951-1953 ), "Eastern " versus " Western " (1954 - 1970) and since 1971 due to the merger of the NFL and AFL for the NFL, similar to the Super Bowl, a game of " AFC " against the " NFC ".

The voting for the selection of participating players will be distributed one-third each to the players, coaches and the public. Fans can participate in during the season on the NFL 's website in the " Pro Bowl Ballot ".

The Taff coaching ( coaching staff ) for the two Pro Bowl teams sat down to 2009 from the Staffs of the respective loser teams in the championship games together, so to speak, the losers of the play-off semi-finals. By moving the Pro Bowl to the Sunday before the Super Bowl in 2009 showed that the preparation time for the coach was too short. Therefore, in 2010 a new system was set. Team coach was now the head coach of a team, which ( the " quarter-finals " ) was eliminated already in the Divisional play-offs. Since excrete two teams in this round per Conference, is now one Head Coach team coach, whose team was successful during the regular season. If both teams have the same record this season to be decided by the play-off seedings. Example: In the AFC secreted into the 2010 season, the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens out in the Divisional play-offs. The Patriots had a season record of 14:2, the Ravens of 12:4. So was the head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick, the AFC coach selection at the Pro Bowl on January 30, 2011.

Minor differences

At the Pro Bowl slightly modified rules are used to make the game safer.

  • No motions or shifts Offense Line.
  • A Tight-End must be placed in each Offense lineup.
  • Intentional grounding by the quarterback will not be punished.
  • The Defense always plays the 4-3 system ( four defensive linemen and three linebackers ), Cover 2 is allowed
  • Wide receiver after the snap may not be attacked (bump -and-run ), except for the turn begins within the last five yards before the end zone.
  • Attacks on the quarterback (lightning ) are not allowed.
  • When Punt, Field Goal or point after touchdown (PAT ) kick the player may not be attacked.
  • Coaches and referees can not make decisions challengen (per can examine video evidence ).
  • There are no kickoffs, the ball is instead placed after every score and at the beginning of each quarter at the 25- yard line. Also on the free- kick after a safety is omitted.
  • Warning 2 minutes in each quarter.
  • The play clock starts at 40 seconds instead of 35.
  • If the quarterback out of the last 2 minutes of regulation time or slumped in the fourth extension of the clock is not stopped.
  • Within the last 2 minutes of each quarter, the clock is stopped, if the offense can not achieve a gain of space.
  • The roster consists of 44 players.
  • According to incomplete passes, the clock starts on the referee's signal again ( just outside the last two minutes in the second quarter and the second overtime and outside the last 5 minutes in the fourth quarter and the fourth overtime ).


The Pro Bowl came at the beginning of the 2010s fierce criticism of the media, fans and even the NFL itself Criticism was demonstrated by the fact that it was not possible in the near past to sell out the stadium. In addition, many fans have expressed criticism over the lack of commitment of the players.

Once by the very weak use of the player after a few minutes, whistling and expressions of displeasure fans were heard at the Pro Bowl in 2012, presented the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, even the Pro Bowl itself into question:

" We're going to have to Either Improve the quality of what we're doing in the Pro Bowl or Consider other changes or even add Considering Eliminating the game if that's the kind of quality game we're going to Provide. "

After a consequence of the Pro Bowl 2012 game discussions with the National Football League Players Association ( NFLPA, players' union ) were performed in which the union made ​​it clear that the players want to keep the game, you worked out a new concept, which is turns away from the system of Conference teams and is based on a draft of all the selected players. The first issue of Pro Bowls with the new system in 2014 was marked by a fierce appearance of Defenses and an exciting gameplay, so that those responsible were satisfied.


Up to and including 2013 procedure was as follows: The team of the Conference, which previously represented the Super Bowl Champion of the season, was the home team. The tradition color of the NFC was blue, the red of the AFC. Each Pro- Bowl player wearing the helmet of his NFL teams and has patches of his team logos on the jersey. He wears the same jersey number as in his own team, with the duplicate numbering is permitted. The head coaches contributed to 2009 according to traditional red or blue Hawaiian shirts.


The term All Star is not officially out at the Pro Bowl by the NFL. Under All Star Game one really understands until 1969 discharged " American Football League All-Star Game ". As products in the Pro Bowl but is the game selection of the most popular / best players of the season, it is thus an All Star game no matter how it is played, for example, in the MLB.


NFL All- Star Games (1939-1942)

NFL Pro Bowls ( 1951-70 )

AFC - NFC Pro Bowls (1971-2013)

Pro Bowls (since 2014)

The Pro Bowl was repeatedly come under criticism. Firstly, because it self for an All-Star game with their attitude to loose took the players, and secondly, because by the rule that from the two Conferences on each position an equal number of players must be there, not always the best were elected. Therefore, the NFL revised the concept, and since the 2013 season, the teams are assembled according to a new format. In addition, there are slightly different rules. The team no longer occur in two Conference- Equipen at (AFC against the NFC ), but are chosen by two Hall of Famern.