Amrumbank West



The offshore wind farm " Amrumbank West " is a property under construction offshore wind farm in the German Exclusive Economic Zone ( EEZ) of the North Sea. Owner is the Amrumbank West GmbH in Munich, a 100 percent subsidiary of E.ON AG.


The offshore wind farm is being built on an area of 32 sq km about 35 km northwest of the island of Helgoland and 36 km south-west of the island Amrum in water depths of 20 to 25 meters.

After application of 16 June 2000 approved the establishment and operation of 80 individual wind turbines, a transformer platform and measurement platform on 9 June 2004 by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency ( BSH). The standing on the southern edge of the construction field measurement platform was built in 2005.

The investment amounts to around 1 billion euros. With the completion of the network connection on the HVDC is expected (as of early 2013 ) for spring 2015. Installation vessels are used, the "MPI Discovery " (since January 2014) and "MPI Adventure", as the base port for constructing serves Cuxhaven. The base station for later operation will be built on Helgoland by the end of 2014.

According to the plan, the wind farm from 2015 is due to start operating. Not far south of the construction site of " Amrumbank West" are the plots of the OWP "Nordsee Ost" and " Sea Wind South / East ".


The 80 wind turbines (WT ) of the type Siemens SWT -3.6 -120 have a nominal capacity of 3.6 MW and a rotor diameter of 120 meters (the length of a rotor blade amounts to 58.5 meters). With them electricity for 300,000 households to be created.

The wind farm will receive a 100 km long within the wind farm cabling of the 80 wind turbines to the transformer platform, which transforms the three-phase alternating current ( phase current) from 33 kV to 155 kV.

The current is then conducted via an export cable to 8 km from the floating converter platform " HelWin beta", transforms the three-phase alternating current (three-phase ) of 155 kV to the voltage level of / -320 kV and then is converted into DC power. By high-voltage direct current (HVDC " HelWin 2"), the transduction of a to verlegendes submarine cable is 85 km from Büsum and from there another 45 km to the grid connection point in Brunsbuttel, where it is converted back into three-phase alternating current ( phase current) is done.


Soil were conducted to pre-construction in the summer of 2012 carried out by the research vessel Ice Beam in the intended construction site. After the establishment of a 500 -m safety zone around the projected locations of the wind turbines to hedge the wind farm construction site was started in May 2013 with the construction works on site.

Since January 2014, the 80 to 300 ton steel monopile foundations of the type are driven into the seabed. For bringing the monopile elements from Cuxhaven and for setting up the 80 wind turbines is the large, six-legged construction vessel "MPI Discovery ", which was chartered by E.on for the construction of offshore wind farms.