Ana Aslan

Ana Aslan ( born January 1, 1897 in Brăila, † May 8, 1988 in Bucharest ) was a Romanian physician and gerontologist.

Life and work

As a professor of Internal Medicine in Bucharest Aslan In 1945, the National Institute for geriatische research and gerontology in Bucharest. It developed about 1946-1956 a named after her, now only used in alternative medicine gerontology therapy in which the use of procaine plays an essential role. The injections should be able to influence the premature aging process in the human body, according to its proponents. Aslan's idea was supported by the then head of state Nicolae Ceauşescu and came in the late 1960s in the West fashionable. Aslan was at times an internationally renowned scientist and has received numerous personal honors, in 1971 about the Federal Cross of Merit. She was on the board of the International Association of Gerontology and the Medical Association of the Balkans, from 1980 also a full member of the Romanian Academy, and served as editor of several gerontological journals.

Aslan presented its development from about 1956 at congresses and in German -and Italian- language publications internationally before. In the 1960 - 70s, the Procainzubereitungen were tested in several scientific studies to aging and dementia, but without sustainable results; a recent Cochrane review is negative. A proof of concept has not provided final and the treatment was completely abandoned by the scientific medicine until about 1980.

Nevertheless, in Europe today Procainzubereitungen " by Aslan ", eg under the brand Gerovital H3, as an "anti - aging cure " markets. Formally, it is a food supplement or cosmetics without drug approval. The similar-sounding Gerovital GH3 is a pure vitamin mixture. Such products are not covered by health insurance. In the U.S., the preparations due to the use of procaine by the FDA are not approved for sale.