Anatoly Zverev

Anatoly Zverev Timofejewitsch (Russian Анатолий Тимофеевич Зверев, scientific transliteration Anatoly Zverev Timofejewitsch; born November 3, 1931 in Moscow, † December 9, 1986 in Moscow) was a Russian painter.

Life and work

Zverev was born on November 3, 1931 in Moscow and began early with the painting. For an image with the title " road ", he received a prize from the polling station in the district at the age of five years. In the years 1948-1950 Zverev attended a School of Applied Arts in Moscow. In 1951, he was ( года Russian Памяти 1905) released "In Memory of 1905 " because of its self-conscious anarchist occurrence after only a few months from the Moscow Art School. From his acquaintance with the painters Oskar Rabin, Vladimir Nemuchin, Dmitrij Plawinskij and Vasily Sitnikov the movement "Russian Nonconformist " was born.

According to Karl Eimermacher show his early drawings already the absolute mastery of pen, pencil or brush. Pablo Picasso designated Zverev, during his visit to Moscow in 1956 - during a trip organized by Ilya Ehrenburg exhibition at Moscow's Pushkin Museum - "one of the greatest Russian artist ".

1957, at the World Youth Festival in Moscow, Zverev was excellent for a spontaneously painted, monumental portrait by the jury chaired by David Alfaro Siqueiros with the first prize.

In the years 1959 and 1962 Swerews plants in Russia could be viewed only in private rooms. From 1960 to 1965, the conductor Igor Markevich brought images of Zverev in the West and organized by the Galerie Motte, the first Einzelausstellungenmit gouaches, oil paintings and watercolors in Paris and Geneva. After Igor Markevitch Jean Cocteau fell in front of a group of horses in black ink on these Chinese Daumier in delight.

After Vladislav Shumskij the collector George Costakis has contributed greatly to the reputation of the artist. After George Costakis both Alfred Barr unpaid as founding director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as René d' Harnoncourt as his successor, the works Swerews highest praise and designated him far as the group of painters of the post-Stalin era out.

1975 joined Zverev in the United Moscow Committee of graphic artists that supported him morally and financially from this time. 1985 organized by this committee the only solo exhibition of his works during his lifetime in the USSR.

After Galina Manevitch he had written an autobiography in its own calligraphy with the dedication "To you, Tibet " a few months before his death.

Zverev died on 9 December 1986 at his home in Moscow, where he left behind only a few work. His works have been exhibited for several months in the House of Art in Moscow, with most ( estimates range from 30,000 works from ) are in circulation, provided Russo with his initials А.З. and the year of their occurrence.

Exhibitions (selection)

A complete overview of the exhibitions of his work is available on a website.

Works (selection)

  • Self Portrait
  • Napoleon in retreat
  • Cock