Andrei Iordan

Andrei Iordan (Russian: Андрей Андреевич Иордан; born 22 December 1934 in Klarus, Saratov Oblast, Soviet Union, † January 20, 2006 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan ) was a Soviet- Kyrgyz politicians. From 1991 to 1992 he was Prime Minister of the newly independent Kyrgyzstan.


Andrei Iordan was born in Saratov Oblast, in Russia today. After his training, he moved in 1954 in the Kyrgyz SSR, to Osh. In Osh, he began a job at the local car factory. Jordan remained there until 1964. Starting in 1968, he finally moved to Karasuu and was there to also work in an automobile factory, but now as a director. In parallel, he began studying at the Polytechnic Institute of Frunze (now Bishkek University of Technology ), which he also graduated in 1972. Then Jordan was able to work as a senior engineer in the Ministry of Transport of the Kyrgyz Soviet Republic. In 1979 he was finally Deputy Minister of Transport in Kyrgyzstan, in 1987, he held this office itself in the last years of the Soviet Union Jordan was then active in the Council of Ministers of the Kyrgyz SSR. 1991 Kyrgyzstan became independent, but Jordan remained politically active. On 28 November 1991 came Nassirdin Issanow, the first Prime Minister of independent Kyrgyzstan, after only about three months in office due to a car accident. Then took over Jordan on 29 November this post and remained in this position until February 10, 1992. Until 1998, Jordan was then the Ministry of Trade of his country operates, then for some time as a government adviser. For his services to the country, he was also honored with the thanks Medal of the Kyrgyz Republic. In January 2006, Jordan passed away 71 -year-old in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek.