Andronikos II of Trebizond

Andronicus Comnenus (* 1240, † 1266 ) was from 1263 to 1266 and Emperor of Trebizond Großkomnene.


Andronikos was a son of Emperor Manuel I of Trebizond his first marriage with the noblewoman Anna Xylaloe. In 1263 he succeeded his father to the throne.

During his short reign Trebizond flourished as an important and well-known trading center. This can be seen also from the fact that during these years traders from the distant Trebizond visited Marseilles and Andronikos on that occasion a message of Charles of Anjou, of a member of the French royal house brought about.

In Andronicus ' reign, the recent loss of the important city of Sinope fell to the Seljuks, who had been recovered only under Manuel I Komnenos for. Thus vanished the last hope to win the throne of the Empire of Constantinople Opel for themselves. It was, therefore, no longer trying to influence the local internal affairs. On the occasion of the death of the Mongol ruler Hulagu succeeded Andronikos 1265, strip the vassal relationship which Trebizond bound to the Mongols since the days of his father.

Andronikos died in 1266th he was succeeded by his half-brother George.

  • Kaiser ( Trebizond )
  • Born in the 13th century
  • Died in 1266
  • Man