Andy Bown

Andrew Steven Bown ( born March 27, 1946 in Beckenham, United Kingdom) is a British musician and keyboardist of the rock band Status Quo.

Andy Bown founded in 1965 the group The Herd, who later also joined Peter Frampton. The Singles From the Underworld and I Do not Want Our Loving to Die, as well as the album Paradise Lost The stove had great success especially among younger fans.

The Herd broke up late 1960s, after Frampton had Humble Pie connected. As a result, Bown played among others Judas Jump and worked as a studio musician on various recordings. For example, he has been active for Tim Hardin and status quo as well as solo albums by Frampton. In the 1970s, Bown also published several solo albums under his own name. As a guest musician he supported Pink Floyd in 1979 on the tour to the album The Wall, documented on the album Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81. Also on the 1983 album The Final Cut by Pink Floyd, he was actively involved.

In 1976 he became an unofficial member of Status Quo and played among other things the typical intro to the song Rockin 'All over the World. As an author, he wrote several pieces for the status quo, including but Whatever You Want and Burning Bridges, both Top 10 hits in the UK. Since 1982 he is a full member of the band with whom he regularly appears live to this day. The keyboard player who plays as other instruments, among others, bass, guitar and harmonica, is the oldest member of the band.

In 2000 he had to replace with the status quo temporarily by Paul Hirsh, to maintain his sick wife Carolyn Attard, who died shortly afterwards from cancer. 2002 Bown again took over the keyboards in the status quo that continues officially took him as a member of the band during his time off.

Andy Bown has been married since 2004 to his second wife Ronnie (Veronica ) and lives in Barnes, South West London.

2011 appeared with "Unfinished Business ," more than 30 years after its predecessor, " Good Advice ", again a solo album by Andy Bown. He was supported, among others, Henry Spinetti (drums), who has already played in the 1960s, together with Bown at The Herd.

Discography ( solo)

  • Gone to My Head ( April 1972, Mercury Records )
  • Sweet William ( June 1973 GM Records )
  • Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven ( June 1977, EMI )
  • Good Advice ( March 1979, EMI )
  • Unfinished Business (September 2011, Cherry Red Records )