Humble Pie (band)

Steve Marriott ( † 1991)

Anthony Jones

Bobby Tench

Humble Pie was a British rock band that was one of the more influential blues-rock bands of the early 1970s.


Founding and early years

The band originated in 1968, when the singer and guitarist Peter Frampton (from The Herd ) and drummer Jerry Shirley merged (from Apostolic intervention ) to form a new lineup. Steve Marriott ( git, voc. ) Had both made ​​known to each other, and when he suddenly broke up on New Year's Eve 1968/69 of the Small Faces, he called to ask if he could join. At the same time he was able to win the bassist Greg Ridley (from Spooky Tooth ) for the project. Because of their compilation, the band of the press was designated as a super group. The answer to that was her name: " Humble Pie " refers to a modest meal.

Even Her debut single Natural Born Boogie was a hit and reached number 4 in the UK. The albums As Safe as Yesterday Is and Town & Country, which contained the single The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake, which was not a hit but. Stylistically can classify the first albums between rock and folk rock. After the collapse of Immediate Records Dee Anthony took over the management of the group. Under his leadership, the band moved on to the American record label A & M, where they could celebrate their first success with the albums Humble Pie and Rock On.

Success and change for the Blue Rock

They were now in a good position to be successful in the United States. During her tour of America in New York was a particularly prestigious live album: Performance - Rockin 'the Fillmore. The highlight of a performance the band played the title I Do not Need No Doctor, who also appeared as a single.

However, it soon came to disagreement over the more musical direction. Frampton, who felt increasingly forced by Marriott in the background, then left the band in the fall of 1971 to start a solo career. Dave ( " Clem " ) Clempson from Colosseum replaced Peter Frampton and the sound of Humble Pie was harder. The first rehearsed in this cast album Smokin also became their most successful. It did not bother the reasons why for weeks in the LP Charts, because the band was on tour tirelessly.

Descent and separation

The ensuing LP Thunderbox was criticized as lackluster and could not build on the successes of the previous albums. For the die-hard fans, the singing style too much moving towards soul and gospel. Their previous studio album Street Council included cover versions of Chuck Berry 's classic " Rock & Roll Music " and the two Beatles hits We Can Work It Out and Drive My Car, but by Marriott & Co. were converted into blues numbers. The record company went back to song material, which actually did not want to publish the band members. But in the band, there was now a certain indifference, for each pursuing his own projects, as Steve Marriott played with various musicians for example a so-called scrubber sessions, but these were not published until 1997. The end was in sight. In 1975, the group split for the time being and Marriott joined a reunion of the Small Faces, which still produced two albums.

Reunion in the early 1980s

After the Small Faces had but separated again, Steve Marriott and Jerry Shirley decided to let 1980 be resurrected Humble Pie. However, the band no longer presented in the original cast. On bass was now Anthony Jones and the second guitar played Bobby Tench. They started the same with another album success: On to Victory. In 1981 the success with Go for the Throat should be repeated. The album was but despite good reviews not as successful as its predecessor. It was followed by a disastrous tour of America: Repeats had to be interrupted the concert series because of an accident and due to illness. After two albums and a tour to Humble Pie ( Mk II) again separated, and each went his solo work after.

Steve Marriott's death and last Reunionpläne

In 1991, Marriott began to once again work with Peter Frampton. The two had even written and recorded new material, and some people believed that this was a new beginning for the group Humble Pie. But it should not be. The day after his return from the United States on April 20, 1991, Steve Marriott died in a self-inflicted fire at his country house in Essex, because he had forgotten to delete his cigarette. He was 44 years old.

With his tragic death and the fate of the group appeared to be sealed. But in 2002 decided Greg Ridley and Jerry Shirley to have again revived with a new band Humble Pie and brought out another album titled Back on Track. They were preparing for a tour in 2003 even before that had to be canceled but since Greg Ridley died unexpectedly on 19 November 2003 of pneumonia and the resulting complications in Spain.

Discography ( albums)

  • As Safe as Yesterday is (1969 )
  • Town and Country (1969 )
  • Humble Pie ( 1970)
  • Performance - Rockin 'the Fillmore (1971 )
  • Rock On (1971 )
  • Smokin ' (1972 )
  • Eat It (1973 )
  • Thunderbox (1974 )
  • Street Rats ( 1975)
  • On to Victory ( 1980)
  • Go for the Throat (1981 )
  • King Biscuit Flower Hour (1996 )


  • " Natural Born bugie " / " Wrist Job" (1969 )
  • " The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake" / "Cold Lady"
  • "Shine On " / " Mister Ring"
  • " Hot ' n' Nasty " / " You're So Good For Me "
  • "30 Days in the Hole " / " C'mon Everybody " / " Road Runner "
  • " Get Down to It " / " Honky Tonk Women "
  • " Shut Up and Do not Interrupt Me" / " Black Coffee " (1973)
  • " Black Coffee " / " Say No More "
  • " Ninety-Nine Pounds " / "Rally With Ali "
  • "Tin Soldier" (1981 )